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Data Backup for

Small to medium-sized companies

We make

Managed Backup


Ideal for companies that have critical and sensitive data

In this age of technology, where data is the company’s greatest asset, it is important that companies are equipped with the necessary know-how to protect and grow this asset.

If data is lost, not only will the company’s reputation or branding be impacted negatively, lawsuits can become inevitable as well. 

To prevent your company from unnecessary downtime, secure your data with our refined selection of backup services. Contact us to speak with our Data Security Consultants for the best recommendation.

How will you benefit?

Profit Protections  Protect your company from lawsuit and loss of business

Productivity No more lengthy downtime resulting from data losses

Peace of Mind Never worry about file loss or crashes anymore

Convenient  Enjoy a handoff approach as your backup is handled and monitored by a professional team

Stop stressing. Start soaring!

Entrust your IT to Blazon Technologies

We have helped dozens of companies get their IT in order, improving their cyber security and productivity.

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