I do not know what I would do without the Microsoft Office suite. Sure, there are some freebie versions out there, but they just do not operate the same. The level of comfortability that I have with Microsoft Office cannot be beat. Keep in mind that I use a PC and these tips may vary for Macs.

I have been using this product since 2003, and only with the release of Office 2013 did I learn that I was only minimally using this awesome suite. Each year, there are more and more improvements and features added that we can use to our advantage.

There are quite a few hidden gems within these programs, but here are 3 Microsoft Office hacks you never knew you needed.

1. Save as PDFs

From Microsoft Office 2007 onward, you can now save directly to PDF formats instead of using a 3rd party PDF converter to “print” out your document in PDF format (eg CutePDF printer).

Just simply go to the “Save As” tab, and there is an option for “PDF or XPS. Select that and a window will popup ask you to choose the location to save the file in.

2. Edit PDFs

Your PDF files open by default in Adobe. But, what if you want to edit them? You cannot do that within Adobe Reader, and the Adobe software that does let you make changes to PDFs is not cheap. Microsoft Word to the rescue!

Launch Microsoft Word. Attempt to open a document like you normally would by selecting “File” and then “Open.” On the bottom right of the window that pops up, click the drop-down menu. Choose “PDF,” and then browse to the file that you wish to edit. Once you open it, you can make your edits. You may lose some of the formatting in the process, but it’s nothing that you cannot overcome.

3. Ignore Reply-All Email Annoyances

Have you ever been included on one of those spam email threads that have absolutely nothing to do with you, but someone (or multiple people) keep on hitting the reply-all button? Ignore these frequent annoyances with Outlook!

Select the chain of messages. Then, in the top of the Outlook window, to the left of the “Delete” button, you will see “Ignore.” By choosing this command, any future messages will now be sent straight to the Deleted Items folder, helping you cut down on inbox clutter.

If you use Microsoft Office at home and at work every day, these time-saver tips may be just what you need to kick productivity into high gear!

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