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The Hidden Features that could boost your Team’s productivity – The Microsoft 365 series

Incorporating the core Office apps we’re all familiar with, 30+ additional Microsoft applications as well compatibility with hundreds of third-party productivity applications, Microsoft 365 can serve up a solution to almost any business challenge you might face. While 365 customers are often familiar with the core productivity platforms such as Teams, SharePoint, Planner and Outlook […]

Discover the power of Automation with the Microsoft Power Platform – The Microsoft 365 series

We are now entering the fourth industrial revolution, a period of rapid technological advancement that has the potential to dramatically alter the way we live, work, and interact with one another. The increased use of automation across all sectors, the adoption of cyber-physical systems that use IoT technologies and the proliferation of Artificial intelligence promises […]

8 Hidden features that could transform your Teams experience – The Microsoft 365 series

Communication within Microsoft 365 centres around Microsoft Teams. ‘Teams’ has fast become synonymous with remote-working due to its extensive features list and deep integration within the Microsoft product line, and as a result, it has become the go-to communication platform for over half a million companies worldwide. While its intuitive interface is easy to get […]

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How Employees Can Work From Home During This Pandemic

On 12 March 2020, The World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared the COVID-19 a world wide pandemic. Since then there has been a big disruption in how people gather, commute and work. To safeguard themselves and employees from this pandemic that is not going away anytime soon, companies should start implementing work from home (WFH) measurements […]

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3 Considerations when contracting with a Managed IT Services Provider

When the time is right for your business to bring on a Managed IT Services provider there are several things to consider before signing a contract. Businesses both large and small have certain needs that are better managed by professionals. Contracting with a managed service provider allows owners and upper level management to focus their […]

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Why You Need To Have Monitoring For Your Servers

Too many people have neglected just how much time and money they could have saved just by having monitoring services only. Last week we had an incident that stress the importance of having constant monitoring on your network, and how it reduces your downtime dramatically. To illustrate how you can save time and money with monitoring, let’s first look at the […]

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5 Reasons to implement a Managed IT Services Solution

Information Technology services are essential to the success of every organization, large or small. With increasingly competitive business environments, CEOs and small business owners are under great pressure to maintain a highly qualified staff and to make sure their technology is obtaining a better ROI than their competitors’. These goals are not easily achieved, particularly […]