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Outsource your Recovery: Big Mistake or Best Move?

You already trust the planning, installation, configuration and support of your company’s servers, data and workstations to a trusted provider (hopefully us) and now you’re thinking about what to do with recovery. You probably have a pretty good handle on it – you’ve invested in a tape system, have a tape rotation schedule, even use […]


Will Microsoft ever call me?

One day you got a pop up on your screen with the words –  “A virus has been detected on your system, please contact Microsoft at xx-xxxx-xxxx” OR You got a call “Hi Sir,Mdm. This is calling from Microsoft support. We have detected a virus on your system and will need to access your computer […]

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How To Protect Your Business From Disaster

Many businesses and companies rely on data, network and computing for their very survival. While this has become normal occurrence in today’s information age, the risk of losing important data could mean losing tens of thousands of dollars in an instant. Having an operational critical server breakdown could mean losing everything in the ever-changing game of business.