As more and more people bring and use their own laptops, smartphone and tablet in office, the notion that company data is only on company computers and you can’t work without accessing them is slowly being eliminated. This of course vastly improve the productivity of the employees, however if the technology used by the company is outdated, whatever productivity gained is instead lost. At the same time, the increased mobility gained also open a can of worms – how do you ensure your data is safe and secured, and not accessible by unauthorized people?

We will be having a series that deal with productivity, mobility and security in the area of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), how you can make the full use of BYOD in your company without being bogged down by them.

This week will be a continuation from one of our previous blogon the topic of IMAP vs POP3 email, and we will be looking at which one is best suited for BYOD environment.

Availability and Convenience

As we know from our last blog on this topic, POP3 deletes all copy of your email on the mail server once you have retrieve them to your mail client. On the other hand, IMAP coordinate and sync the mail between the server and your mail client. Since email on IMAP are never deleted unless you delete them yourself, you will have all of your email on any of your mail client, even for a new mobile device you just bought and configure.

If you do not have your devices with you, you can simply logon to the webmail and have access to all your email for IMAP. Whereas for POP3 you will see only the latest mail that has not been downloaded, and unable to do a reference check to past email.

Storage Space

There is still a way to retain your POP3 mail inside the mail server without deleting them, however provider of POP3 typically give very little allocation to POP3 mail box storage – 2GB or it can get expensive very fast as you try to get more storage. IMAP providers have very generous storage space for use from 5GB to 25GB, for example our clients on our hosted exchange program enjoy unlimited storage with us, so you can store your mail away for some time before hitting your limit.


3/5 employees are using their smart phones and tablets to access their email while they are on the move now. Wouldn’t it be a danger to the company’s confidential data if the mobile devices are lost or stolen and unauthorized eyes are viewing those email? With our hosted exchange program, emails on smart devices can be remotely wiped off any time the device is reported lost. Being an older protocol for email, POP3 does not offer such security luxury for the modern world.


Today’s work environment is all about mobility and flexibility, employees are working from anywhere at anytime on any of their devices whether its a computer, a laptop, smart phones and it may or may not belong to the company. In term of BYOD, IMAP trump over POP3 no matter, and infact IMAP is one of the kickstart for the BYOD trend as we are now connected to our email no matter which devices we use. If you are considering improving your work place productivity, you may want to take a look at our hosted exchange program which uses IMAP for your email.


At Blazon Technologies, we specialized in protecting our clients’ network and data, ensuring they can keep running their business even if disaster strikes them. To find out how we can help you with your security and protection, contact us for more information.

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