Most places we go, there is a network connection for us to link up to. This is our gateway to any and all information, as well as each other. When we open an Internet browser, we tend to take for granted that we are secure in surfing the web.

At home, we protect our family and belongings with locks and deadbolts. These are a measure to keep the bad guys at bay. But how do we protect ourselves when browsing the World Wide Web? What are we doing to secure our information?

Below are 5 ways to keep your information safe.

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I do not know what I would do without the Microsoft Office suite. Sure, there are some freebie versions out there, but they just do not operate the same. The level of comfortability that I have with Microsoft Office cannot be beat. Keep in mind that I use a PC and these tips may vary for Macs.

I have been using this product since 2003, and only with the release of Office 2013 did I learn that I was only minimally using this awesome suite. Each year, there are more and more improvements and features added that we can use to our advantage.

There are quite a few hidden gems within these programs, but here are 3 Microsoft Office hacks you never knew you needed.

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The world is getting more and more mobile, we are working even while moving from client to client or travelling overseas for an exhibition. Although laptops have help us tremendous in being productivity on the move, there is just one thing we dread seeing – the low battery power warning sign. Then the mad rush to look for a power socket before your laptop die on you, which depends on luck where you are.

Here are 4 tips to prolong your laptop battery life and charge

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A critical patch released last week by Windows is causing Outlook to keep crashing, restarting over and over again. This patch was supposed to fix a flaw in the way Windows handles fonts, but has had some unexpected side effects for some Outlook users. Just a few weeks ago, we spoken about the weird Windows patch that was creating confusion world wide, and now it seem they have another problem with their update codes again.

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Backup and disaster recovery solutions are invaluable solutions for businesses who need to be able to respond to disruptions within minutes or hours of an outage or disaster taking place. They work by taking a carbon-copy backup of servers and storing them in two locations — on-site and in-the-cloud. Backup and disaster recovery enables a multitude of recovery options, so businesses are able to get back up and running as soon as possible.

But beyond giving business owners a solution to outages and disasters, backup and disaster recovery services provide many more benefits to organizations. This blog post explains how a backup and disaster recovery solution can help organizations avoid the high costs of downtime, comply with important regulations, and boost the bottom line.

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If you take a close look at what your list of Window Updates contain this week, you will be in for a shock!

Windows Update Server Hack

Does it seem weird that an update direct from Microsoft will have such strange wording in it?

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All of us know backup is important, however most of the time it is place under “Not Urgent Now, But Important” category. A financial planner friend once said this “Backup is like insurance or a parachute. You should have it when you don’t need it. By the time you need it and don’t have it, it is too late”

To keep us reminded of how important backup is, here are some cases studies we have came across where they wished they had a working backup in place beforehand.

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Have you been having problem trying to copy and paste your files/folders in Windows 8.1 recently?

The symptom of this problem will be a blank out paste option when you right click to paste a file, the only way to move files around is to drag them and you cannot create another copy.

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As more and more people bring and use their own laptops, smartphone and tablet in office, the notion that company data is only on company computers and you can’t work without accessing them is slowly being eliminated. This of course vastly improve the productivity of the employees, however if the technology used by the company is outdated, whatever productivity gained is instead lost. At the same time, the increased mobility gained also open a can of worms – how do you ensure your data is safe and secured, and not accessible by unauthorized people?

We will be having a series that deal with productivity, mobility and security in the area of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), how you can make the full use of BYOD in your company without being bogged down by them.

This week will be a continuation from one of our previous blogon the topic of IMAP vs POP3 email, and we will be looking at which one is best suited for BYOD environment.

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One day Judy, head of the finance department, receive an email from her boss, asking her to transfer $100,000 to a bank in Hong Kong for a supplier. Her boss has often asked her to do such transaction and it does not appear to be an unusual request, so Judy go ahead and transfer the money over.

Until a few day later, the supplier call and arrange for his payment which shocked Judy as she thought she has already transfer the money to him. Consulting her boss, she then found out that the boss has never send her any email for the transfer. Upon checking the email, they realize the email was a spoofing email that looks very similar to the boss’s email except for 1 letter.

Does this sound familiar to you? This kind of spoofing attacks have been reported all over newspaper and business journal and yet people are still falling for it.

How can you protect yourself against it?

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