The average British household owns 7.4 internet-connected devices¹. The reason for this is because we have become a society based on having connectivity at our fingertips. We are obsessed with the latest tech, but some business owners don’t seem to have the same interest in keeping their current devices up-to-date and functioning to the best of their capabilities.

Not keeping your devices and software up to date is leaving you vulnerable to complications. A lot of these complications will do serious damage to your computer system, sometimes leaving it surplus to requirements as it won’t function the way it was intended to when purchased. Not updating can also restrict access to some applications, the app will see you as an ‘unsafe’ user.

A software update is a way for the vendor to tweak and fine-tune a product to make it better. A software update is a frequent improvement to functionality and security, it will sometimes have new features and addons to existing apps. Vendors update their software to fix any security vulnerabilities discovered, this is an obligation for the vendor to do so. Although it is in the vendors best interest to give free frequent updates to customers who have bought the latest technology from them. Vendors don’t want the customer going to a different vendor because their tech is lagging and glitching so much it makes the device not useable. Vendors keep the device basic functionality the same while developing and adapting its uses and features, in turn gaining your trust in them as a vendor.

If you have just finished your 12-month contract with a vendor and the vendor has consistently and effectively updated your device software, then you are going to be more likely to sign a new contract with them.

For the most part, updates are automatically installed when the newest version comes out.

What is the pinnacle of technology today will be obsolete this time next year, this is what we have become accustomed to, but what many people don’t know is that your IT has a lifespan as most don’t have their devices long enough to notice. That phone in the draw from 5 years ago won’t run the same as it did when you bought it, not only will it feel outdated and slow but there is a strong chance most features aren’t even accessible anymore and it will not be secure. IT has reached the end of its lifespan when the vendor stops performing frequent updates, making the device more vulnerable to cyber threats. Companies simultaneously release brand new models of products, this makes the old device obsolete forcing you to buy the new model to keep everything functioning as productively and securely as possible.

Updating software and devices as often as the updates are available is the way to get the most from your devices, it is also the way to be as safe and secure as possible.


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