Access control is automatically embedded into our daily lives; from the stair gate for the kids, to the keys to your car. Access control is a reflex daily but it is often neglected when it comes to IT. Without the correct measures, your computer system will be vulnerable to breaches, and simply using passwords and anti-virus software isn’t enough.

Data theft or loss, damage to infrastructure or breach of privacy are just a few of the serious problems that could be the result of poor access controls within your business.

Keeping your team up to date with correct practice when it comes to data protection and access control is of the utmost importance, with human error being a common cause of data breaches nationally with digit.FYI stating ‘Human error was responsible for 90% of the UK’s cyber data breaches in 2019’¹.

How strong authentification protocols can help you be Cyber secure

Ensure staff only have access to a point that is valuable to their role within the company. Keeping as few people on the ‘special access privilege’ accounts as possible is a good way of improving security, it reduces the amount of staff with access to confidential and potentially infrastructure threatening information if accessed by non-authorised personnel.

Special access privilege accounts require the best protection if one of these accounts is hacked the hacker can exploit the platform and provide a base for a large-scale attack aimed at the main functions of your business, causing in some cases irreparable damage.

For example

A user is logged into a ‘privileged’ account. He opens an email which turns out to be a malware virus. The malware is known as ‘ransomware’ which encrypts all data on the network and demands a ransom to get it back. “In 2019, a business will fall victim to a ransomware attack every 14 seconds”². These ransomware attacks can be extremely expensive and time-consuming to put right and can be avoided. “Nearly 60% of all ransomware attacks in the enterprise demanded over £1,000. Over 20% of attacks asked for more than £10,000, £1% even asked for over £150,000”.³

Training staff that have access privileges is very important, if unaware of potential risks and if for example they open an infected email attachment, viruses are normally active from the same level of privilege to the account the user is signed into.

Access control systems identify the user by evaluating required login credentials that can include, personal identification numbers (PINs), biometric scan, security tokens, passwords or other authentification factors. Requiring two or more authentication factors a multifactor authentification (MFA) is a great addition to have as part of a layered defense.

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