Pop quiz. Right now, without looking. How many servers and computers are on your network? How many of them are supposed to be there? Are their Anti Virus (AV) and security patch all updated? No idea or unsure? This is an ever present problem with companies and businesses that do not have their own IT department. So what are you doing about it?

We had this new client who came to us as they had a virus outbreak that shut down the entire office’s Internet access, causing the business operation to stall as well. After a day of clearing and restoring the network, 1 of the managers remarked “We have AV installed, we shouldn’t be getting virus attack”. Discussed in our article last week, AV is 1 part of a multiple layered approach you deploy for security, and needs to be fully updated at all time.

Do you have Anti Virus?

By asking 2 things –  “Are all the computers installed with the AV? And is all the AV working and update to the latest file definition?” and getting a “Not sure”, we knew they did not have any insight to their network status, much less any other underlying issues that were waiting to surface.

While we used the antivirus as an example we could just as easily point to data backup as an issue. If you’re not properly monitoring your backup system you could potential have a non working backup set. In addition to be a huge risk exposure, it could spell the end of the business if you have a data disaster and nothing in place to recover from.

Know whats on your network

Whether you are worried about the security of the endpoints on your assets, the patch levels, the asset inventory or software licensing, you need to make sure you know what is on your network.

At Blazon Technologies, we are aware this is an ever present problem with companies and businesses that do not have their own IT department taking care of it. To help these companies, we are offering to provide FREE monitoring for the network. This offer is for a limited period only, please contact us at free.monitoring@blazon.com.sg for more information.


At Blazon Technologies, we specialized in protecting our clients’ network and data, ensuring they can keep running their business even if disaster strikes them. To find out how we can help you with your security and protection,contact us for more information.

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