If you take a close look at what your list of Window Updates contain this week, you will be in for a shock!

Windows Update Server Hack

Does it seem weird that an update direct from Microsoft will have such strange wording in it?

Tech forums all over are bursting with speculation on what could possible have happened. It is believe that this particular update is only pushed to the consumer edition of Windows 7, and even if you attempt to install it, it will failed.

Did Microsoft’s server itself get hacked or have hackers managed to insert code into the transmission between Microsoft and the computers? What really happened?

With all the confusion and panic that is created by this update, in less than 24 hours, Microsoft has come forward to confirm that that their servers are secured, and the update in question is a test update they had wrongly published.

As it turn out, it is a simple human error on their side that caused panic all over the world with security techs and fortunately it is not the compromise of Microsoft servers.


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