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"We have been working with Blazon now for several years. We've been extremely thrilled with all of the work they've provided to us, whether it's service or project-based. All of the employees are professional and have the best interest of the customer in mind. Their service is top-notch!"


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Whether you’re currently in the midst of some serious growth or you’re looking to grow in the next few years, technology services will play an integral role in the expansion of your business – from increasing profitability to adding new staff members to acquiring new customers and everything in between. We offer a range of services for our clients


IT Services

A range of services, including proactive monitoring, regularly scheduled maintenance, support, and more – for a flat-rate monthly fee that’s easy to budget for and predict.


Network Operations Center

Our NOC is where our engineers perform the monitoring, maintenance, and supervision required to keep your infrastructure up and running with optimal performance and reliability.


Client Success Management

Everything you need to ensure every initiative you take on is successful, including a dedicated account manager, a virtual chief technology officer, and a full managed support team.


Project Management & Delivery

Our project team is able to help you achieve all of the above as we handle a range of projects, including network deployments, Microsoft 365 migrations, security upgrades, and more.


Vendor Management

Vendor management refers to the process of working with your vendors to take care of license and warranty maintenance, handle support requests and/or issue resolution, and much more.


Total Quality Management

Total quality management refers to the practice of ensuring the quality of IT services that are delivered to end-users – keeping track of all services to ensure end-users are receiving what they need.

All of our services are designed with you – the end user – in mind. You need to operate efficiently in today’s day and age, and the right technology services are essential in this endeavor.

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