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IT Support Questions

The IT support modes you can find in Singapore for IT support are Ad Hoc Support, Bundle Hours, Fixed Fee Managed Support, and Outsourced Placement.

Each company has different needs and requirements, there is no one model that is suitable for everyone.

The factors to consider when selecting an IT support model are your company’s budget, reliance on technologies, sensitivity to operation downtime resulting from IT failure, and whether you want reactive or proactive IT support.

We provided Bundle Hours and Fixed Fee Managed Support services.

You get a guarantee responses of 1 hour and less for Priority 1 emergency calls, proactive health monitoring of your network status, helpdesk and onsite maintenance support, IT advisory and planning, procurement, all for one monthly fixed rate.

At Blazon Technologies, we required all clients on the Managed Support plans to have our recommended technology platform in place.

The short answer: You get better and faster response, and technology that is proven to work for you.

Our recommended technology platform contains solutions we have performed extensive research and work on. Our engineers are trained in and keep up to date with technology across this core set of products to make sure that we can quickly, efficiently and expertly assist you with working with those products.

We will work with you to phase in the Recommended Technology Platform. All of our clients experienced a boost in productivity once they are fully on board with our Recommended Technology Platform.

IT Support Contract Questions

For Bundle Hours, it is a one-time payment and your allocated hours are valid for 1 year from the date of payment, there is no further contact unless you required more hours.

For Managed Support, there is a one year contract period.

You can terminate the contract with a 30 days notice if we failed to meet the SLA in supporting you.

Our responses SLA, which is defined as when we allocated resources and start working on your issue, is applied to our Managed Support clients.
Priority 1
Definition: Entire company can’t operate
Guaranteed Response Time: 1 hour
Target: 15 minutes
Priority 2
Definition: A department can’t operate
Guaranteed Response Time: 2 hours
Target: 1 hour
Priority 3
Definition: An employee can’t work
Guaranteed Response Time: 4 hour
Target: 2 hours
Priority 4
Definition: Any other requests
Guaranteed Response Time: Next Business Day
Target: Next Business Day

The majority of our engineers’ time is spent on proactive matters and not overloaded with firefighting IT disasters that the typical IT support companies have, hence we can afford to allocate resources on the rare occasion there is a Priority 1 or 2 issue.

As our Managed Support clients, your network and technology solutions are standardized according to our Recommended Technology Platform. This enabled us to not only solve any issue you are facing faster, but also through our familiarization with the solutions, proactive steps are taken at all time to reduce the chances of failure in your network.

Responses time on our Bundle Hours support is on a best effort basis.

All of our Managed Support plans include priority responses, proactive health monitoring of your network status, helpdesk and onsite maintenance support, procurement, IT advisory and planning.

On our advance Managed Security plans, cybersecurity services such as user awareness training and protection from data loss and leakage are covered.

To find out more, contact us for more information.

Items that are not covered under Managed Support are project work and MAC (Move, Add, Change) requests.

Examples of MAC requests are moving/adding/changing a server, network equipment, workstations, applications.

MAC (Move, Add, Change) requests involved adding new equipment to the network and/or migration of data. An onboarding process for the equipment is required before it can be added to the network.

Once the equipment is onboarded and added to the network, it is covered under your Managed Support.

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