Emotion rage is one of the factor that can affect a person’s productivity in his work, what if we can remove 1 of the common rages in the office? When is the last time you say “ARGGG SO SLOW”, “NOT WORKING AGAIN!?!” and proceed to smash the keyboard or the monitor? That’s right, we are talking about computer rages – not unlike road rages where you flare up and go crazy over little things you normally wouldn’t.

At times we will imagine smashing our computer with a hammer to express the frustration (in our heads of course). Now 1 man in Colorado has taken it a step further, he literally murdered his Dell computer by shooting it 8 times via execution style in his backyard.

The crime

What crime has the computer committed?  Being too slow and giving him the infamous bluescreen of death  frequently. During a gaming session, the bluescreen of death come on again causing the man to go berserk. In a separate confession, he admits to killing several printers with his bare hands (sound familiar?).

That man has the luxury of ending his own misery, what about employees who have to work with what the company provide? Day in day out, they need to face the same computer and it get worse if the computer isn’t maintained, going from slow to slower to slowest. Make your work place more enjoyable by removing these issues that can plague work performance and productivity.

At Blazon Technologies, we believe people should enjoy their work life with smooth operation and peace of mind. To find out how we can help you, contact us for more information.

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