On 12 March 2020, The World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared the COVID-19 a world wide pandemic. Since then there has been a big disruption in how people gather, commute and work. To safeguard themselves and employees from this pandemic that is not going away anytime soon, companies should start implementing work from home (WFH) measurements if they had not already done so.

Below are WFH methods companies can employed to let their employees WFH.

VPN – Virtual Private Network

A VPN enables you to connect to your office network from your home. You can access your files and application just as if you are in front of your office computer. It was developed to allowed people to have a secured path way to the office network without exposing it to the public. We recommend implementing if you have files and application hosted on your network, and security is a concern.

Exchange Email

We see many companies are still using the old school POP3 email where all the email is stored on your computer in the office. While employees can work from home and answer new email on their website, the problems with the POP3 email is 1. You have no access to older email 2. POP3 comes with limited storage, and you have to download them on to your home computer or delete them. This hinders the productivity of the employees, who need to have access to all their email both old and new on any devices they choose to work on.

If your company is in this situation, you can consider migrating your email server to Microsoft 365 Exchange. It has generous storage of 50GB for EACH user, that is more what POP3 typically gives for the entire account. Not only that, you can access and work on your email from any device anywhere (phone, tablet, computer, laptop).  As a bonus it also has the Calendar function for scheduling between employees and department.

Cloud Enable

One of the benefits of Cloud is it enabled you to work from anywhere on any device, which a lot of companies are benefiting from during this period. Some of the cloud enablement types are cloud enabling files and document, email (Exchange Email), application or even the entire desktop. Implementing a cloud enable strategy required you to take a closer look at your company operation workflow, the IT infrastructure currently in place and the future IT strategies for the company.  Cloud has certainly make things easier for consumer to DIY, however consumer and business grade solution are different and we have seem companies who tried to implement it themselves only to end up with

  1. Overpaying for solution that is more than what they required
  2. Buying a solution that cannot deliver what they required
  3. disrupting their operation workflow with no benefits
  4. an abandoned wrongly implemented cloud solution
  5. exposed security risks

It is recommended to speak with a IT service providers like Blazon Technologies to do the cloud enablement for you.

Remote Access

Setting up a VPN, migrating your email or cloud enable your environment is a project that takes time, and when immediate action is required, there is the option of granting remote access to the office computers to the employees from their home. while this is the simplest option, it can also open a big can of security worms if it is not implemented properly.


At Blazon Technologies, we specialized in protecting our clients’ network and data, ensuring they can keep running their business even if disaster strikes them. To find out how we can help you with your security and protection, contact us for more information.

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