In the first part of this topic, we have shared the difficulties people faced in files sharing over email and how they can use cloud storage to help them share files with others. Today we will be discussing some of the aspects of cloud storage you should be looking out for when choosing a provider, a more comprehensive look than looking at how to share large files in email.

Ease of Use

For your cloud storage, ideally you want one that comes with a desktop application where it will automatically sync your files to the cloud storage, saving you time and effort from login and uploading the files manually yourself. Using these cloud storage such as Biz Sync is as simple as just saving your files in your computer’s folder without additional efforts.


“In July of 2012 Dropbox was subjected to a spam attack that stemmed from a theft of an employee password that gave the thief access to many Dropbox users accounts and passwords3. In fact, many user accounts were logged in to and data files were accessed.”

This is 1 of the hacking attacks that have been carried out on consumer grade cloud storage you will need to take note of whether they are for personal or corporate use.

As your files are in the cloud, you will want them to be encrypted like Biz Sync, so they are not easily accessible by just about anyone.

Guest Account Limit

Some of the cloud storage providers have limitation on files sharing, such as requiring the person you share files with to sign up for an account, or limit the file size you can share to 1GB for example. It is important you find out whether the file size limit is sufficient for your usage and how it would impact the person you are sharing files with.

For example, your customers may sign up an account to receive shared files from you. Soon they realized they are limited to 1GB of storage, and they are fast running out of storage because all the files they, you and other people shared with them are counted in the same account space, causing frustration as they will need to constantly clean up their storage space.

First with Biz Sync, we do not require guest to have account to receive your files. And if you do create an account for them for better collaboration file sharing, they are sharing your storage space in a true collaboration sense.  Guest accounts creation by the way are available for you without limits in Biz Sync.


For businesses that are looking to improve their employees’ productivity through file sync and collaboration, there is a free 30 days Biz Sync trial and consultation, contact us to learn more.

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