When you open your email client (eg Outlook, Thunderbird etc) in the morning, is the first thought that goes through your mind “Let’s see what I need to take care for today?” which is then followed immediately by “Arg, so many junk email” when the streams of junk mail start flooding your mail?

Just to illustrate how annoying spam has become, this is a report chart from our Total Email Protection for 1 of our clients over a 1 year period. 1 year spam filtering report chart

This client has 15 employees, and going by the number over the 1 year period, each employee had roughly 50 junk mail coming in every day, more than 2 times the number of legitimate mail! Just imagine having to delete 2-3 junks for every 4 email you received, no wonder employees are having frustration with spam and junk mail.

Here are some tips you can use to reduce your chances of receiving junk mails in your mailbox.

Signing Up For Freebies

This is one of the most common ways spammers get hold of your email address. By entering your email into any of those “promotion”, “lucky draw”, “free gifts” mass marketing email from sources you don’t know, you are announcing to the world your email address is up for spam! Most of the time, these spammers will pass your email around and you realized you are getting more spam than ever. If you really want to sign up for this, get another email account which will be used specifically for only this type of activities.

Now this method will works really well for your personal email, however there are some positions within a company that required you to spread your contact all over, namely sales and marketing.

Email Client Junk Mail Setting

Some email clients (eg Outlook, Thunderbird) has a setting for junk mail. You can set it to automatically redirect or delete the mail, and manually block or whitelist the sender. This function is included within the email client, while it does achieve a bit of it’s purposes, it is not fool proof.

First the spam filtering hits and misses, and when a legitimate email goes into the junk mail folder or deleted, you may not notice or know it. Secondly the adding and whitelisting of sender email address is too troublesome and needs constant updating, resulting in user forgoing it entirely.

Using An Anti Spam Filter

An easier and more secured method is to deploy an anti spam filter such as Total Email Protection at your mail server to scan through the email for signs of spam. They will then block the spam before it even enter your mail server or network, giving you that extra layer of security.

Our Total Email Protection not only block spam, it will scan and prevent emails with virus from entering as well. When using such filter, you will want to look for one that also comes with virus and malware scanning, as most of the virus outbreak nowadays are spread through social engineering (ie social media and email) to further protect your network.

After all the filtering, you will receive a quarantine report once or twice a day that shows you what has been blocked so you will not miss out on that legitimate and important email.

Total Email Protection Quarantine Report


At Blazon Technologies, we specialized in protecting our clients’ network and data, ensuring they can keep running their business even if disaster strikes them. To find out how we can help you with your security and protection, contact us for more information.

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