Do you have long resolution time for your reported IT issues?

Do you feel you have no control over certain aspect of your business, especially when IT is involved?

Do you worry nobody may be able to help you with your IT issues?

If you answer yes to those questions, I have a good new for you! There is a way for you to shorten your average resolution time, be in control of your business and IT and get any issues fixed. And that is to create documentation and SOPs for everything related to your IT environment.

A lot of SMEs in Singapore underestimated and downplayed the importance of IT in the operation of their business. Often this leads to either lack of IT documentation or incomplete/outdated documentation. How would the absence of IT documentation impact the business operation in any way?

Here are some cases studies

Business Continuity

We were referred by our client to this lady who is facing problem with their email and website administration. Her business was arranging and selling attractive health screening package for consumers and corporate clients. They got new clients through their website SEO, and the whole system was built up by her husband (the SEO, the domain etc). Unfortunately her husband had a stroke which affected his thinking and memory. They started getting problems – website not showing up, new prospects are able to send or receive email from them, loss of business deal etc

The lady asked around for help and because she do not have any documentation or information, it was hard for anyone to assist her and we were asked by our client to help her. We spent half a day searching through their old email records (3-5 different email accounts), test logging in with what we were able to find. It did not help that their entire system was setup using parts from different vendors, which slowed down our progress.

In the end we were only able to document down the credentials of all the accounts her husband had but not the whole configuration of the system. With those credentials, she was able to get help from the vendors to resolve some of the problem they are facing. Her entire business could have closed down because of the lack of documentation and we advised her to keep the credential information safe for future use.

Business Downtime

We all want business downtime to be as short as possible whenever a problem arises. When you engaged an IT provider who does not have any documentation of your business,  whenever you report a problem, these are the steps they will go through

  1. Fact finding of the problem (What, How, When, Why)
  2. Ask for credentials
  3. If its a relative simple problem and credentials are present, start working on the problem. Otherwise move to next step
  4. Search for past documentation (internally first then through online media)
  5. Read and study the documentation
  6. Start working on the problem

Can you see how much downtime can be avoided if proper documentation are present? At Blazon Technologies, we document and keep track of all our clients’ IT information, we are able to pull out whatever information is needed and start working on resolving our clients’ issues right away instead of spending time fact finding.

As a business client once wisely said “You can either pay $X and a hour or 2 of downtime for a tech to solve your problem, or pay $X and 10 minutes to get the business back on track”.


At Blazon Technologies, we specialized in protecting our clients’ network and data, ensuring they can keep running their business even if disaster strikes them. To find out how we can help you with your security and protection, contact us for more information.

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