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  • Affordable, quick and responsive IT support
  • Predictable flat rate charges
  • Peace of mind with cyber security support
  • Dedicated IT Manager
  • Comprehensive managed IT Support

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Mr Lionel Ong and his team proved to be experts in their field with a keen understanding of our clients’ needs and resolving issues quickly and professionally. With Blazon Technologies taking care of IT Infrastructure, business owners can focus on driving the profitability of their businesses up.

Blazon is able to provide IT assistance ASAP and solve most of the problems within the day. Blazon has also provided us with solutions and suggestions to anything regard to IT. Overall, we are very satisfied with Blazon’s IT services.

Truly I appreciate your sincerity to solve my problems, know what is best for my operation and at the same time making suggestion to help me save the operational cost. I find that you are very professional in what you do and I will certainly recommend my contacts to you.

We are glad to have engaged Blazon to set up and maintain our server system. With its friendly and personable staff with an attention to detail and troubleshooting, Blazon have given us a peace of mind, and has allowed us to channel our efforts wholeheartedly into our core business.

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