Managed Security Services

Never lose sleep over a cybersecurity breach again.

Did You Know…

1 in 13

web requests lead to malware.

Cybercriminals use the malware to extract valuable information and data from your business, which they can then leverage against you for financial gain.


was the average ransomware payment in 2020, up 33% from 2019.

Cybercrimes were an increasingly larger threat even before COVID-19. The pandemic accelerated the shift to a digital economy, but businesses have yet to prioritise cybersecurity.


the percentage of business folders that are properly protected.

As cyber threats are continually evolving, most businesses fail to keep up with their cybersecurity practices. This leaves them and their customers vulnerable to attacks.

What are Managed Security Services?

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At Blazon Technologies, cybersecurity is our highest priority. Our Managed Security packages include Managed Support by default, which offers protection from:

  • Malware
  • Ransomware
  • Virus attacks
  • Hackers
  • Data loss/breaches
  • and more

Of course, the best security measures must be designed with the end-user in mind. We’ll conduct a robust risk assessment and work with you to implement proven safeguards that are easy and practical for your team.


Anti-virus Protection

E-mail Protection

Password Manager

User Awareness Training

Phishing Attack Simulation

Disk Encryption

Safe Internet Surfing

Network Protection

Data Encryption

How are Managed Security Services different from Cyber Security Services?

Cybersecurity services are a subset of managed security services.

Purchasing a cybersecurity package is like putting up a moat and wall around your castle. Managed security services take it one step further by stationing knights, artillery, and battle engineers in your defence.

Our managed services provide thorough and ongoing digital defences for your business, so you never have to worry about an outdated firewall or sensitive data being leaked.

Blazon’s Managed Services Include

Our Complete Cybersecurity Solutions Package

Engineer Support

Proactive Monitoring and Management