Backing up data to the cloud involves benefits unavailable with other options. Until the cloud existed, individuals and companies had limited choices for this vital responsibility. Available options often made this necessity a tedious and/or delayed process. This led to some people and organizations to overlook this important function.

Using a cloud backup system delivers multiple benefits and no major downsides. Among the benefits, the following typically are the most important to users.

Cost Control

Vital to business success for all organizations, large and small, is expense control. Online cloud backup offers both affordability and cost control for users. Businesses benefit because they need no capital investment in hardware or software to back up their vital data on a daily basis.

Off-site Storage

Veteran businesspersons strongly recommend that users store backup data in places other than sites where they create their files. Should a disaster happen, such as a fire, on-site backup hardware often is destroyed, thereby wiping out backed up data, along with the original electronic or paper files. While backing up files to a hard drive or server located in the same facility used to create files is better than nothing, should a disaster occur, users face the real possibility that both original and backed up data is destroyed.

Access Flexibility

Backing up data to a cloud allows businesses and their customers, if permitted, to access information from a PC (with an internet connection) or mobile device from anywhere and anytime.

Automatic Back Up

Using the cloud eliminates the need to “remember” to back up files. Just set up a schedule for back up once to ensure files are backed up every day, recording both new and changed files.

Easy Recovery and Restore

Should a disaster occur, users can easily recover by restoring files from the most recent backup. Assuming users set a schedule for online auto-back up, they have access to recent files. This permits easy, effective disaster recovery.

Safety and Security

Using reliable cloud backup, users can confidently trust their vital files are safe and secure. Cloud backup typically features the best available security encryption measures to help thwart hackers intent on capturing business or customer data.

Cloud backup has helped users maintain up-to-date files off-site and recover from a disaster quickly. Long-term benefits of affordability and security of data are equally important to business success. Online cloud backup delivers these vital benefits.


At Blazon Technologies, we specialized in protecting our clients’ network and data, ensuring they can keep running their business even if disaster strikes them. To find out how we can help you with your security and protection, contact us for more information.

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