Too many people have neglected just how much time and money they could have saved just by having monitoring services only. Last week we had an incident that stress the importance of having constant monitoring on your network, and how it reduces your downtime dramatically.

To illustrate how you can save time and money with monitoring, let’s first look at the typical scenario that would occurred with a non monitored network.

Typical Scenario

  • First person reach the office, notice something is wrong with the network but will wait for the rest of the office to come in to verify that there is something wrong.
  • Someone will attempt to self fix the server, spending 1 or 2 hours before they gave up and start looking for a IT provider.
  • They will take 1 hour to find a reliable IT provider through friends, Google and background check as well as price checking.
  • The IT provider will take another 1 hour to reach their office
  • Since the IT provider is new to the network, and do not have any insight into the network, it may take them 1 hour to diagnosis the issue.
  • Then lastly it take 1 hour to patch and fix the issue.

With Monitoring

Now using the real life example we had last week, at 10.30pm we received an alert a server was down. Before the first employee had even reach the office, we already knew there was an issue the night before, informed the management and perform a rescue job first thing in the morning. As we had documentation and constant insight into their network, we were able to resolve the issue in under 30 minutes.

Instead of wasting half a day, the client only took 30 minutes to resume their operation. Of course if they had faced a more serious issue, we would have switched them to our Disaster Recovery Continuity for a fast and temporary recovery while we work on the issue.

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