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Cybersecurity Solutions to Help You

  • Do you worry about whether or not your remote workforce follows common best practices in regards to data security?
  • Do you get a sinking feeling in your stomach every time you hear about yet another data breach on the news?
  • Do you ever think about the cybersecurity measures you have in place (a firewall and some anti-virus software) and know it’s not enough but you’re not sure what IS enough?

If so, then it’s time to make a change and follow your instincts – they’re telling you you’re not secure enough. But what do you do next? How do you make sure you’re completely, entirely confident that your remote workforce is working in a safe and secure manner – a manner that keeps cybercriminals away from your sensitive data?

Remote Workforce Cybersecurity Solutions

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When you partner with us, you can make the right cybersecurity decisions to stop worrying altogether. Blazon Technologies Services has been around since 2011. We’ve seen the evolution of cybercrime and we’ve helped businesses successfully combat hackers for quite a while. We’ve even transitioned entire organizations to remote work – keeping them safe while doing so.

You don’t have to feel uneasy about cybercrime.

In today’s day and age, business owners have enough to worry about – from rising costs to talent shortages to ever-evolving competition, and of course, regulatory compliance on top of that. You don’t HAVE to feel uneasy about cybercrime, especially when it’s yet another stressor that keeps you from focusing on what’s important: delivering an exceptional product/service to your customers.

You can partner with us to take care of all of your cybersecurity requirements, including keeping your remote workforce safe. We have high standards when it comes to cybersecurity because we know this is vital to minimizing your risk

Blazon Technologies is able to provide IT assistance ASAP and solve most of the problems within the day. Blazon Technologies has also provided us with solutions and suggestions to anything regard to IT. Overall, we are very satisfied with Blazon Technologies's IT services.

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What cybersecurity solutions do you need?

If you’re embracing remote work to any degree (even just the occasional employee working from the airport) or even if you’re not embracing remote work, you need to secure all of your endpoints with the following cybersecurity solutions:


VPN (Virtual Private Network) that acts as a secure, encrypted tunnel between end-users and the network.


Our NOC is where our engineers perform the monitoring, maintenance, and supervision required to keep your infrastructure up and running with optimal performance and reliability.


Cloud Services that give your team anytime, anywhere access to the data, systems, and applications they need with built-in security measures.


Endpoint Protection to keep all endpoints, including tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc. safe against intrusion.


Endpoint Backup to keep all endpoints, including tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc. backed up and ready to recover.


Multi-Factor Authentication that ensures online services and/or accounts are safe from intrusion as end-users require more than a simple password to enter.

What collaboration tools are secure enough to use?

If you’re looking to continue operating efficiently, despite remote work, collaboration tools are key to ensuring your team can still communicate with one another, share documents, edit files, and overall, work seamlessly together. We’re here to assist you with keeping the following collaboration tools safe:

You can count on our team to setup, configure, and provide ongoing support for all of the above.
Get the cybersecurity guidance you need to stop worrying.

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