What are the different type of IT support?

Ad Hoc Support

Ad Hoc support is just as its name suggested, you call the IT provider as and when you have an issue and needed support. The IT provider will then check whether it has the manpower to send over to you. In this model, you pay by per job or issue, there is no other commitment from either party. This is reactive type support, and as there is no commitment, the IT provider may decide not to take up the job, and you have to look for other IT providers when this happened. Lastly the charge per support hour is high compared to the models.

Type: Reactive


No upfront financial commitment


High per support hour charges

No commitment from the IT provider too

May not be able to get support when you need them

Support is reactive


Bundle Hours

This goes a step up from Ad Hoc support, now you have some form of commitment from both you and the IT provider. You commit to an upfront payment of a certain amount for X hours of support and in return, the IT provider commits to taking on your case when you called them. Typically the more hours you purchase, the lower the cost per support hour will be.

Each time you called the IT provider for support or when the IT provider comes down for maintenance support, the hours are deducted from your pool of support hours.

This support is still very reactive and the response time for this model is usually based on best effort or the next business day no matter how urgent your issue is. The IT provider may charge an “emergency fee” if you want immediate support while on the bundle hours model.

Type: Reactive


Lower per support hour rate when purchasing large amount of support hours


Upfront lump sum payment

Response time is not committed, even for emergency issues.

Support is reactive


Managed Support

On this model, you have a high level of commitment between yourself and the IT provider. The managed IT service provider job is to ensure all your IT needs and support are taken care of and takes proactive action to reduce possible downtime for your company’s network.

Depending on the managed IT service providers, some of them have

Type: Proactive


Response time is guaranteed by IT provider

Proactive action is taken to reduce downtime

Managed your IT asset, documentation and planning


Higher cost when compared to the Ad Hoc and Bundle Hours model

May need to standardize your network to the IT provider’s requirement level


Outsourced Placement


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Lionel Ong

Lionel Ong

Lionel is a cybersecurity specialist who's worked extensively with local SMEs since 2008. For over a decade, he's seen how cyber threats have evolved and become more sophisticated. This is why he advocates a holistic multilayer defence to guard against the full range of cybersecurity breaches. He derives great satisfaction from improving the standards of cybersecurity in SMEs.