Computer system is so critical to any business operations nowadays that if it is not handled properly, it can even shut down an entire Paris airport!

Apparently this is not a hoax or joke – an airport in 2015 shutting down because of a computer system. It is real and not that funny for the thousands of passengers who are left without their flight and similar problems are hiding in your company

Reasons for not upgrading

This is a real risk a lot of businesses are facing today for those who are still on outdated system. Microsoft has already cut off support for Windows XP and 2003, yet there are many who are still using them. When we check with new clients we come upon, it is always the same reasons

  • We don’t have the time or money
  • Nothing happen yet
  • We don’t know

No Time, No Money

If your business is generating $10 millions a year, it works out to be $833K per month, $192K per week, $37K per working day. Can you bear to let your operation shut down for 1 day? 1 week?

It cost you more time and money using outdated system than upgrading them. Beside there are government grants that you can tap on to upgrade your system.

Nothing Happen Yet

Are you waiting for things to happen? It have may been working fine all these while, however just think of the potential risks you are facing for using an outdated system.

  • Easily hacked
  • Easily infected with virus
  • High chance of system failure

Going back to the previous point on business revenue, can you afford to wait for something to happen and halt your operation?

So, while I like the idea of “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it,” a lot, when it comes to business technology it’s just plain foolish. Keep your old systems to play with, but don’t, please don’t, keep them in production. You’ll regret it if you do.

Don’t Know

Can’t really blame them if they do not know what they do not know. However this does not make the problem disappear. Although small and medium businesses know the importance of having an IT staff, they simply cannot justify the time and money involved. You need to interview and hire the right person with the right skillset, training them up to standard, handling their HR needs, retaining and rehiring when they leave for another position.

What they can do is look for a trusted partner to outsource their IT portion, who can act as their in house Chief Technologies Officer advising them on what needs to be done. This way they will not face the problem of hiring while still ensuring their business operation and revenue are secured.


At Blazon Technologies, we specialized in protecting our clients’ network and data, ensuring they can keep running their business even if disaster strikes them. To find out how we can help you with your security and protection, contact us for more information.

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