One day you got a pop up on your screen with the words –  “A virus has been detected on your system, please contact Microsoft at xx-xxxx-xxxx”


You got a call “Hi Sir,Mdm. This is calling from Microsoft support. We have detected a virus on your system and will need to access your computer to remove it for you”

What do you do then ?

  1. Contact Microsoft and let them solve your virus problem
  2. Ignore them and carry on as normal
  3. Wonder what happen to the free anti virus you were using
  4. Get your trusted IT provider who has been taking of your IT to handle this

The majority of people will opt for option 1, especially if they do not have anyone taking care of their IT. It is Microsoft after all and they did a personal call, they can’t be wrong, right?

Big Mistake!!

This is a ongoing scam that has been taking place for years, and it has gotten to a point where even Microsoft had issued a warning on it.

How this work is – The scammer will go into your computer after getting the permission, then they will either encrypt your file, change your password, or infect it with an actual virus. They will then demand payment for unlocking the company or removing the virus.

Loss of data

Worse still your valuable commercial data such as trade secret or clients’ information are stolen by them as well.

At time like this, companies are held to random, and it is advisable to have an IT provider on hand who you can rely on to solve your problem in the shortest time possible instead of calling around looking for help.

The other option is to ignore them, and proceed on with your work, as most of the time they are just waiting for someone to take bait and give them access to the network. However there are cases where the computer is already infected and the scammer just come into the network, taking over the computer completely. At this point in time, it is best to disconnect the network, do a thorough scan and disinfection of the network.

Next week we will share with you some of the incidents that have happen with these scammers.


At Blazon Technologies, we specialized in protecting our clients’ network and data, ensuring they can keep running their business even if disaster strikes them. To find out how we can help you with your security and protection, contact us for more information.

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