Have you been having problem trying to copy and paste your files/folders in Windows 8.1 recently?

The symptom of this problem will be a blank out paste option when you right click to paste a file, the only way to move files around is to drag them and you cannot create another copy.

The root cause of this is due to Windows update patches, in particular KB3070102. There is another patch (KB3057839) that may trigger the issue when you have installed certain applications on your computer.  Simply removing these 2 patches, reboot your computers and the issue will be resolved.

Windows updating is a security steps every computer must take to ensure any discovered vulnerabilities and loopholes are covered. At the same time Microsoft themselves are known to release patches that causes Windows to malfunctions like this copy/paste case. However that does not mean you should not do patching, rather you should be more careful of which patches you allowed to be installed on on your computers. If you lack the expertise for this or unsure whether your computers are patched correctly, you may want to outsource this portion out to ensure your network security is protected in this aspect.


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