With 1 month to go, we are fast reaching 14 July, the deadline Microsoft has set for End Of Life for Windows Server 2003. Despite Microsoft warning about EOL for Windows Server 2003 as early as April 2013, many organisations are yet to begin their migration away from the server platform. For a product’s EOL,  Microsoft is no longer going to support or update it anymore. But really what does this mean for SMEs and business owners?


There will be no more updates to fix bugs, performance issues and security vulnerabilities. New vulnerabilities are discovered on a regular basis, which Microsoft will patch over, however with the EOL any new vulnerabilities discovered will be left untouched for Windows Server 2003. This significantly increases your risk to cyber security dangers such as malicious attacks or data losses.

Maintenance Cost

Without support, patches and updates from Microsoft, it is going to get more tougher to support and maintain a Windows Server 2003, and that cost will be passed on to you.

No Compliance

Once support ends, your organisation will almost certainly fail to meet industry wide compliance standards. Regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, SOX & Dodd-Frank all require regulated industries to run on supported platforms. The impact is twofold: Non-compliance could result in the loss of business, while high transaction fees and penalties from non-compliance could dramatically increase the cost of doing business.

Software and Hardware Compatibility Issues

We have seen this happened with Windows XP. Remember when Windows XP was the most commonly used OS? Almost all software and hardware can work with it, however after Microsoft announce EOL for Windows XP, manufacturers and developers starts moving away from it. Today most of the software and hardware are not designed to work with Windows XP, and some even stopped support for it. The same will happen to Windows Server 2003 after it EOL, any new hardware or software you upgrade has a chance to fail when used with Windows Server 2003.

What’s Next?

Seeing the impacts EOL will have on your business, it is recommended you check if your servers are still running on Windows Server 2003 and migrate to the newer Server OS while you can.


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